A key component of Modern Series Flush Mount Album is its minimalism – using the least to achieve the most. It enhances the details of album itself without drawing attention to themselves. Use the latest printing and binding technology, Modern Series is another Flush Mount Album from us that you got to hold one in your hands to experience the quality and craftsmanship.

Cover Style


Simply beautiful standard leather cover, which with optional of Name&Date foil stamping, photo cameo, or large acrylic cameo on cover.


Customize the cover using your favorite image(s) and display the beauty inside and out. Two styles available – High Gloss Lucite Cover and Matte Finish Photo Wrap Cover.


Use the latest laser engraving technology, creating a unique and stylish Acrylic Cameo pattern and embed on cover.

Cover Features

  • Spine: Soft Curved Spine
  • 25 Standard Leather / 25 Upgrade Leather
  • Name & Date Foil Stamping
  • Photo Cameo
  • Acrylic Cameo

Page Features

  • Printed on Professional Photo Paper
  • Panoramic Spreads
  • Min. 10 spread pages / Max. 30 spreads
  • White Page Insert
  • Page Corner: Round Corner
  • UV Coating Included
  • Opening Page with Studio Logo Included

Turnaround Time

  • Print & Bind 10 Business Days
  • Rush Service Available

Opening Page Styles

Creative Cover Designs

Available Size



8×8, 10×10, 12×12

10×8, 13×10, 14×11

8×10, 10×13, 11×14

10×10, 12×12

13×10, 14×11

10×13, 11×14

Standard Leather

Leather Upgrade