Album Palace Inc. is a signature for Innovation, competitiveness, and stylish in the wedding album industries. One of our strongest advantage to outstand from others is the dedication and creativeness from top to bottom throughout the entire company. To provide our customers with the highest quality of product in an affordable price, we succeed from a culture of the most interwoven teamwork based-model. For this reason, Album Palace Inc. is confident in endorsing all of our products that would be the best instrument to bring out the element of Art and Love from all the professional portraits.


Incorporating the creativeness of storytelling layout design with the sensational US handmade crafting experience, the founder of Album Palace Inc. envisioned a journey to spice up the wedding photo-journaling industry with a spirit of art and perfection.

How to Get Support?

Feel free to contact us on +1 (732) 317-8920 or send e-mail to service@albumpalace.net if you have any questions or comments for us to serve you better.